At ConsulTree, we are committed to a shared vision of harnessing the power in change and creating a conscious business culture. A conscious business culture occurs when employees share an understanding of each other and learn to think in the mindset of a team, rather than just personal benefits. By planting a shared purpose, we believe the seed to create an exceptional and successful organization will grow.

Why are we passionate about initiating and cultivating change? Change produces enlightenment and growth within an organization. At ConsulTree, we encourage clients to establish roots in their beliefs, their employees and their environment so they can blossom into a business that sets the standard in their specialty.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire change and bring a new level of awareness to help individuals and organizations make conscious choices
that will improve their lives.

Our Vision

We strive to be the go-to partners for transforming business cultures and “leading change” through performance

Our Values


We nurture, support and foster self-accountability. We trust our associates to make integral decisions,
honor commitments and build trust in all they do.


Through persistence, encouragement and diligence, we partner with our clients to develop and evolve
to higher levels of achievement.


We believe that having consistency between actions, values, methods, measures and outcomes is the key to sustainable change. We don’t compromise the character of the individual for economic prosperity.


We believe in creating a culture where open communication and ethical standards are at the core of the organization.


Discover, collaborate and implement new ways to think, to achieve and to be.

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