CEOs: Gavin Patterson – BT Group, UK

ConsulTree is making a series about influential CEOs and their bios. Most of these CEOs participated at the WEF2014, they are the leaders that are shaping the future of our world. This week, Gavin Patterson from BT Group, UK

Davos BT Group BIO

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CEOs: Lawrence Fink – BlackRock, USA @LaurenceFink

Davos Blackrock BIO


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CEOs: Randall L. Stephenson – AT&T @RandallLynnStep

Davos At&T BIO


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We Inspire Change

Luisa GuzmanAt ConsulTree “we inspire change”.  As the year ends we must make time for reflexion.  I ask you: What was that change that made a difference in your life last year?  That change that helped you meet a new goal or choose differently?
As this new year starts I ask that you reflect on that small but meaninful change that can transform your life […]

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ConsulTree’s CEOs of 2013

The CEOs of 2013 were chosen based on their contributions to society, innovation, sense of perfection, boldness, and vision for the future of their companies and respective industries. The worst CEOs of 2013 were also chosen, for exactly the opposite reasons.

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