Ben Bernanke on Unemployement

BernankeBen Bernanke, who will be replaced by Janet Yellen next year, had his last FOMC meeting of 2013 on December 18. At the press conference he gave his final remarks on unemployment and inflation. ConsulTree follows the unemployment situation closely. We believe the economy has enough ground to keep growing, but companies must keep acquiring top talent to leverage any continued upward trend.

The Federal Reserve has a target unemployment rate […]

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How close are you to become the next GM CEO?

Mary T BarraMary T. Barra was named today as GM CEO. She was named by Forbes, as one of the world most powerful woman in 2013, number 35, with a 35 year career at GM. This is her profile as published by GM website.

Executive Vice President, Global Product Development & Global Purchasing & Supply Chain

Mary Barra was named Senior Vice President, Global Product Development effective February 1, 2011, responsible for […]

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Leaders and Innovators: Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium

Pope FrancisLeaders and Innovators: Pope Francis presented his apostolic exhortation today, “encouraging the Christian faithful to embark upon a new chapter of evangelization marked by this joy, while pointing out new paths for the Church’s journey in years to come”

Around 33% of earth’s population, 2.2 billion, are Catholics, Pope Francis is bringing not only hope but a clear path and renewed leadership for them.

Here is the 80 page document called EVANGELII […]

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Twitter Bios – Leaders Resumes in 140 Characters

Twitter IPO is coming out soon and it will be historically seen as the most popular offer of the year 2013. We look into how this company has achieved so much and has become a leader in what is now a new way of journalism, but in 140 characters. In 140 characters you have also to put your Bio/Resume. Most of the users put what they are, what they want and how they define themselves. […]

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How close are you to become the next Federal Reserve Chairman?


Janet Yellen


Janet Yellen, expected  to be nominated by President Obama as the next Federal Reserve Chairman replacing Ben Bernanke. This is her  educational background, work experience, publications, honors and awards she holds for the job. She will also, if approved, be the first woman  fed chair in US.




BA, Economics, Brown University
PhD, Economics, Yale University

Positions Held

2010 – present, Vice Chair, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
1985 – present, Professor, Haas School of […]

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