A streamlined and efficient organizational structure and an intelligently equipped workforce position you as a leader in your industry. We save you precious time and money by assisting you in designing the best strategy to manage your talent requirements, whether acquiring or developing new talent or giving existing employees the tools to operate at peak performance.

ConsulTree helps your firm accelerate growth through strategically assessing your strengths and weaknesses and assisting you in implementing proven strategies for advancement and growth. Our decades of consulting experience and deep knowledge of organizational structures and talent management bring you the capacity to have a stronger company and positions you for an even brighter future.


By Industry

Board Services
ConsulTree provides executives with coaching and consulting services that help them develop and implement visionary change in their organizations. Designed to be insightful and actionable, our Board Services can be the difference between growth and contraction.
Business & Professional Services
Our Business and Professional Services give you the edge in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. We can conduct assessments to identify areas of improvement or assist you in creating a corporate culture that respects, values and inspires your employees.
Construction, Design & Real Estate
Working with affluent clientele requires a structure and staff that is able to service a distinct class of discriminating customers. ConsulTree can assist you to ensure that your company and team are equipped to provide luxurious service to every level of client.
Consumer & Retail
Achieving outstanding customer service and exceeding sales goals is not an accident. Selecting the best team and equipping them to meet the needs of consumers requires uncommon insight and planning. Our consultants can help you make the most of your staff for enduring results.
Energy, Utilities & Mining
In certain industries, comprehensive planning can reduce error, increase production and bolster safety. Our consultants are experienced at analyzing operations, compliance, risk and legal issues. ConsulTree can help you service your customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
Financial Services
Fluctuating markets and industry uncertainty can kill profitability in the financial sector. You can’t control the market, but ConsulTree can help you to prepare for volatility by developing programs and human resources that can anticipate and react to rapidly evolving situations.
Government, Education & Non Profit
ConsulTree understands the unique conditions under which government, education and non-profit organizations are required to operate. Our consultants can analyze your organization and suggest viable improvements that will allow you to achieve your goals while staying on budget.
Manufacturing and production are global industries that require wise planning to grow profits and market share. ConsulTree has extensive experience working with international manufacturing clients to make them more competitive by training them to be more effective, efficient and proactive. Let us help you transform your business and become an industry leader.
Life Sciences
Maximizing research dollars can mean the difference between failure and scientific breakthrough. ConsulTree will help you understand how to get the most out of funding by assessing organizational structures and suggesting improvements that protect your investment and allow inquiry to flourish.
Renewable Energy / Clean Technology
Green technologies are one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the economy. ConsulTree can help you position your company to capitalize on the increased demand that a growing ecological awareness will fuel.
Technology, Communication & Media
The world is more connected than at any time in the history of humankind. Leveraging a global marketplace through the technology, communications and media industries requires an intelligently structured organization that can cope with fluctuating demand. ConsulTree gives you the edge you need with valuable consulting and coaching services.

By Function/Specialty


  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Board Directors


  • Corporate Communications
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Financial Officers
  • Human Resources Officers
  • Information Technology Officers
  • Investor Relations
  • General Counsel and Legal Officers
  • Government and Regulatory Affairs
  • Non-Profit
  • Marketing Officers
  • Professional Associations
  • Risk Officers
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability Officers
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