Our workshops on negotiation and persuasion optimize the results of negotiations and power of persuasion for the benefit of the company. They are designed with methodologies, strategies and tools that will help directors, managers, sellers, buyers, HR staff, and negotiators at all levels, to enhance the skills they already have.

During our workshops, we transfer to participants the know-how and tools that we ourselves use in our consulting, which guarantees they will continue to apply them to the company.

All the workshops we provide are customized to the particular needs of each client. To this end, the workshops use a combination of presentations and practical exercises, reviews and application sessions, with a dynamic and participatory style.

Negotiation Techniques Workshop: focuses on sharing the methodology and tools of the Negotiation Project from Harvard University, as well as the latest developments in the negotiation field, covering topics such as Neuroscience, Gender, Psychological factors, among others. The objective of this workshop is to enhance the ability of participants to influence the people around them, negotiate, structure alliances and generate long-term commitments. After the workshop, participants will be able to improve their negotiations and relationships with:

• Internal customers (teams and other units)
• External clients and suppliers
• Stakeholders
• People in their environment.

Persuasion Strategies Workshop: It’s not enough that an idea is great so it can be valuable; it is equally important to conceive an idea, as it is to persuade people to implement that idea. A challenge that we face daily in interpersonal relationships, especially when negotiating or leading teams, is how to influence others to think or act differently voluntarily to cooperate with us in solving problems or the achievement of results. The objective of the workshop is to enhance communication skills and influence the participant, using the principles of persuasion strategically supported by the latest scientific research on human behavior conducted by Gary Orren, Robert Cialdini, Dan Ariely and Mario Moussa, among others