Today September 26, the US Treasury Secretary, Jacob J. Lew, wrote his second letter to Congress on the topic of raising the debt ceiling, being this a follow up letter of the first one sent on August 26, 2013. Certainly America cannot stop paying its obligations but it is also true that Fiscal Responsibility is a must. The government has to cut on expenses the traditional way, laying off people, lowering salaries and changing regulation about government pension benefits. This is what all Corporate America did during the times of crisis and it’s time for the government to do it as well. The corporations with too much pension overhead opted for Chapter 11, such is the case of GM.

According to the US CBO the average compensation for the Private Sector is $87.804 and the average Federal Government Employee compensation is $114.436. This difference of more than 25%, does not have any justification nor in education or experience or performance which is the way the private sector measures its employees. The state has to become as efficient as the private sector if we want a sustainable America. ConsulTree believes in entrepreneurship. As America makes the transition, we too, have to collaborate with new innovative companies that can support and balance our way of living in the long run.

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