We are living in the social media era. As such, it does not come as a surprise that talent acquisition firms are using social media channels as a way to understand and vet candidates from a social perspective. As simple a thing as your profile picture may say “a 1000 words” you are not saying in your resume.Talent Acquisition and Social Media 2

We identified five mistakes candidates most often make with their profiles pictures:

  1. No picture: a profile with no picture says I don’t care about social media. This is also showing, the candidate is not up to date in technology or is not using today’s technology efficiently – translating into a lack of vision. Also it can mean the candidate is hiding something.
  2. Old picture: change your profile picture once a year, but no more than four times a year. An old picture means, again, “I do not care about social media.” It also shows some issues with accepting yourself as you are today and not being present, but staying in the past. It also points to lack of vision.
  3. Projecting different images: This shows you may lack consistency and lack of sense of perfection. It also could mean that you have multiple personalities or indicate that you are bipolar. You want to have the same picture in Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook is less professionally orientated; however try to be consistent with the projected image there as well.
  4. Dress up for party pictures: It means that you will do whatever it takes to do the job. This also means that you value yourself for matters other than just your professional expertise.
  5. Self taken pictures: It says: “I do not care much about details.” Today’s executive makes the difference by perfecting what has already been done. Attention to detail is a must.

Different professions require different images, however consistency, vision, clarity, attention to detail, perfection, and vision are common denominators to success and advancement. The right picture can say it all!

Content by info@patvalderrama