The LinkedIn Report on the Mobility of Professional Talent

Workforce MobilityAn analysis of a recent LinkedIn report revealed the upward trend of more and more people migrating to different locations of the world when better job opportunities beckoned.  More specifically, according to the assessment by LinkedIn, over 300 million professionals are on the move in the pursuit of new career opportunities. At ConsulTree, we have been closely monitoring this global phenomenon and we strongly encourage […]

Workplace Diversity and the Google Report that Shocked Everyone

Google DiversitySo, suddenly everyone is talking about workplace diversity thanks to the Google Equal Employment Opportunity report on workforce diversity based on the data from January 2014.  In an age where almost all the big corporate houses are parroting how ‘multiculturally-diverse’ their outlook and workforce is, Google with its very cosmopolitan outlook has candidly revealed that they are far from the ideal scenario when it comes to the topic of workforce diversity, in an open […]

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Workplace Conflict Resolution Through Hogan’s HPI

AngerConflict-300x199Workplace conflicts are a matter of perpetual headache for organizations. More often than not, personality is pointed out as the reason behind conflicts. But recent studies suggest that personality is just the tip of the iceberg. Upon careful examination, it has been revealed that the real underlying causes behind workplace conflicts are much more complex and its resolution even more complicated, than previously thought of. Therefore it becomes essential for […]

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ConsulTree to Launch Webpage in Spanish

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May 21, 2014

Miami, Florida (FL) – ConsulTree, a global leader in Talent Acquisition, Consulting and Leadership Development based in Miami, Florida has announced the launch of its  webpage in Spanish. The company known for its unique multi-lingual, multi-cultural and global capabilities expects to widen its customer base by catering to the huge Spanish population. With more than half the population speaking Spanish, the city of Miami has gone on […]

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CEOs: Joseph Jimenez – Novartis, Switzerland – $NVS

ConsulTree is making a series about influential CEOs and their bios. Most of these CEOs participated at the WEF2014, they are the leaders that are shaping the future of our world. This week, Joseph (Joe) Jimenez from Novartis in Switzerland. In a video presentation he said Novartis protects a normal life….

Davos Novartis BIO