ConsulTree expertise lies in providing high-quality assessments, coaching, human resources and talent management consulting services to businesses, executives and management. Our assessment services pinpoint the issues that are affecting your personal, career, or business goals. We will ignite your business or personal career with exceptional wisdom rooted in current best practices.

Our consultants are ready to work with you and help you re-organize your structure. While change processes often present some challenges, ConsulTree’s consultants are highly skilled at designing plans that take into account your organization’s core values and personnel strengths. We can effectively guide your organization through re-aligning your structure around your company’s goals.


Luisa and her team were outstanding, knowledgeable and caring professionals, in supporting us through DLA’s culture and team development process. We became a better team and a more prepared one for the many challenges that faced the company and professionals, during its transition process

Antonio Barreto
DLA Entertainment

Luisa introduced me to Hogan, an international assessment tool, and coached me to have a clear understanding of my performance capabilities, challenges, and core drivers during an important transition phase in my career. With the results, I was able to find what were my strengths and how I could improve certain areas of my management style by developing a strategic self-awareness as a team leader.

Marcello Coltro
Executive Vice President Content Distribution
Cisneros Media

Luisa is a true leader who can think out of the box. She is able to see those special attributes and character strengths from her candidates which are needed
in this ever-changing environment. Her professionalism, hard work and perseverance have made her a successful business woman in the industry.

Monica Cardona
Marketing Manager Latin America – Global Marketing

Luisa is a high skilled professional with years of experience. She has always been extremely resourceful and reliable and has created long term value for our company with her services.

Tomas Alonso
Head of Corporate Clients – Americas
Amicorp Group

Luisa is a result-oriented professional with a kin sense of client needs, sound consultative skills and good market intelligence. She is well versed in the Wealth Management world with a superior command of the market. Both candidates and clients value their services for its reputation in the field and client commitment.

Eli Butnaru
Chief Executive Officer
Mora Wealth Management LLC

I would dare to say that when they schedule someone for an interview with you, there will be a small chance for not choosing that one.They are really experts and absolutely professional on what they do. I have hired their recruiting services for some executives in Miami and I could confirm they were fast and right into the point in a way the business was never interrupted. Actually their ability to bring along great candidates made us hire even for other Latin Country rather than only Miami.

Ricardo Cambraia
HR Director Americas
Wartsila North America

Luisa has worked with me for 3 separate enterprises with great success hiring 7 critical positions . She is a results driven professional with a superb understanding of a client’s needs. Excellent investigation and dilligence skills with mature market intelligence.

John Puente, MSIT
Sales, Strategy and Business Development: President and Consultant at Ruman Scientific
Ruman Scientific

Luisa and her team of consultants connect perfectly with the customer needs in order to maximize the value of the research process and provide good results. In the critical role of a management/executive research you can trust she will find someone that fits the organization.

Oscar Castellano
VP, Global Distribution

Luisa is always the first choice on fulfilling your executive positions for the specialized fields of technology, telecommunications and media. Her network of contacts and peers is impressive since is one of the few headhunters of the industry with a past background in companies of the same field. I fully endorse Luisa’s work.

Alvaro Martínez Parente Zubiría
Technology and Telecommunications Executive
Intel Corporation

“We had a Team Building / Alignment activity for the Regional Management team of the organization the service was custom-made and tailored to what the organization needed at that time. The efficiencies gained in many aspects, like learning how to work with each other, understanding the different styles and priorities, improvement in communication, etc., were significant. In summary, the service was very personalized and really showed interest and care to provide the right quality solution, rather than just selling a product.”

Horace O. Porrás
Vice President of Human Resources – Latin America
American Tower Corporation

“Luisa and her team of Consultants are of great value to us as an external resource on all matters pertaining to corporate development and human resource strategy.”

Raúl Henríquez
Co-founder, CEO, President

Logo DHL
“In the years that I have worked with Luisa’s team of consultants in different companies I represented, they have assisted us with several projects in Leadership Consulting, Coaching and Executive Search. Their approach to service reduces the learning curve, specifically the on-boarding program they offer as part of their Executive Search services. They really go above and beyond to understand our business, our leaders and culture. They are truly business partners to the HR community because they understand the need for HR to deliver and provide solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs instead of “off the shelf” solutions that are “One size fits all”.”

Jacqueline Coca
Director of Human Resource and Business Partner Latin America

Logo mars
“At Mars, the culture is very strong and the 5 Principles (QUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY, MUTUALITY, FREEDOM and EFFICIENCY) guide us in every decision we make. Based on our efficiency principle, we outsource HR requirements when we believe our partner will offer a better contribution than internal capabilities. We truly value long-term relationships with partners who share with us the same values, business perspective and passion in whatever they do. Luisa’s team of consultants have provided us great support in our recruitment process and the on-boarding of newcomers. They are offering a process where they select the best possible candidate through a thorough assessment of both functional and leadership capabilities. A great leader is the key enabler for the engagement of our employees and thus the performance of the company.”

Denis Mineret
VP Human Resources Multisales – Europe

Logo Telefonica
“An essential component when choosing a partner is the expertise they show in the subject matter. We partner with an organization that understands our industry and business well; we also look at the added value service offering when hiring any type of consulting services. The consulting firm must be able to demonstrate improved results and KPI’s upon the conclusion of the services provided. The consultants have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and high ethics. They have provided more than a negotiable transaction but rather, a long-term commitment to helping the organization succeed as it changes.”

Miguel Angel Moreno Martin
Executive Sales VP
Telefonica USA

“We have hired ConsulTree’s Hogan and Coaching services. Our experience with the coaching program was excellent, we really saw an impact and huge change in the executive we put into this program and now we are seeing the benefits and the improvements. I recommend this tool for executive development as an excellent way to help your key people in getting to the next professional level.”

Jaime Ramírez
SVP & President, Global Emerging Markets – GEM
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc


“We hired ConsulTree based on the Consultant’s level of experience in the field of Family Business Consulting. They also served as an excellent role model; through their advice and mentoring, we further developed our leadership skills which impacted the overall growth of the organization.”

Angela Garcia C.
Vice President
Kia Motos Nicaragua- Taidok

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