Consultree Small

May 21, 2014

Miami, Florida (FL) – ConsulTree, a global leader in Talent Acquisition, Consulting and Leadership Development based in Miami, Florida has announced the launch of its  webpage in Spanish. The company known for its unique multi-lingual, multi-cultural and global capabilities expects to widen its customer base by catering to the huge Spanish population. With more than half the population speaking Spanish, the city of Miami has gone on to become the gateway to South America both culturally and geographically. The new webpage is expected to take the organization’s objective, vision and mission closer to its users by providing a friendlier interface for those native speakers of Spanish.

ConsulTree has always been pioneering the cause of innovation and excellence and this new venture will be yet another golden feather in its cap. The company is renowned not only for turning ordinary employees into effective contributors but also for molding them into visionaries with extraordinary leadership skills.

More information about ConsulTree and the services offered can be found at its website