Our Coaching Model

ConsulTree’s proprietary Coaching Model was designed by an expert panel of consultants and coaches to provide unparalleled coaching services that will allow you and your company to root practices and attitudes that will bring transformation.

The ConsulTree Coaching Methodology is based on the best practice models and organizes the coaching process into 8 units. These 8 units represent not only the whole coaching process, but also serve as a guide to our Coaches of how most individual coaching sessions must advance in order to successfully attain the established goals. We seek transformation by making sure our Coaches follow these processes in all our coaching assignments: Connect, Inquire, Assess, Articulate, Target, Options & Obstacles, Action and Validate & Conclude.

Our coaching model equips executives and management to inspire their organizations along with spurring growth, innovation and productivity; we also collaborate with leaders to assist them in aligning your organization with its core values to shape its business practices and corporate culture to create an environment of excellence and growth

Coaching Services

ConsulTree provides high-level coaching to executives that transforms paradigms and leads to personal breakthroughs. Our business coaches help executives understand the dynamics of their companies and assist them in creating policies, procedures, and directives that invigorate and build passion within their organizations. ConsulTree offers the following Coaching services: C Suite and Senior Executive Coaching, High Potential and Key Leader Coaching, Leader as Coach, Integration Coaching, One2One Personal Coaching and Career Coaching.

C Suite and Senior Executive Coaching

Executives require intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring coaching that provides uncluttered value in their busy lives.Read More

High Potential and Key Leader Coaching

By navigating the complex and modern corporate landscape through foresight and planning, you give your company and you as a leader the opportunity to flourish.Read More

Leader as Coach

Our Coaches assist leaders on coaching techniques and strategies to develop others so they can implement them in day-to-day operations.Read More

Integration Coaching

Integration or Onboarding coaching is a means to accelerate the transition of an employee to a new role, a new culture, a new team or a new employee to a new company.Read More

One2One Personal Coaching

Our consultants will work with you to understand your objectives and formulate actionable plans to improve your performance and personal vision.Read More

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps individuals identify what they desire and require from their career at times in their lives where they are in transition or faced with making an important career move.Read More

Our Coaches

Our coaches’ business acumen, personal success and years of extensive training offers leaders effective executive and life coaching services to transform their corporate culture, maximize their human capital, and allow the company to flourish.

Our coaches have been carefully identified through a comprehensive selection process by selecting coaches who have demonstrated a combination of excellent coaching trajectory and impeccable client references. ConsulTree enlists the most highly trained and respectable Coaches in the market who show a desire for continuous personal self-development and extensive training in the fields of co-active coaching, positive psychology and emotional intelligence.