In partnership with LIM Global we apply the ARL® Methodology (Action-Reflection-Learning), this unique approach to learning was developed in conjunction with the MiL Leadership Institute of Sweden. It has been successfully implemented for more than 30 years in Fortune 500 Companies around the world to facilitate transformative change in leaders and teams while allowing companies to continuously use the process of “Earning While Learning”.

We apply our learning methodology and decades of experience in:

  • Leadership Development programs (LDP): we help businesses see the measurable, positive effect our program has on the bottom line. Our proven methodology and evaluation process provides your company with the data to implement a successful leadership development program.
  • “Green” Leaders Development Program: LDP designed exclusively for companies committed to developing and implementing a sustainability mindset and strategy.
  • Women Leadership Development programs: In partnership with CoreWoman®, we offer innovative consulting and training programs to our clients who are committed in developing a Gender Equality strategy and promoting Women Leadership within their organizations.
  • Succession Planning design: using different tools and proprietary processes we help companies manage a swift and effortless succession plan to secure the best fit for the next executive in a key role.