Luisa GuzmanAt ConsulTree “we inspire change”.  As the year ends we must make time for reflexion.  I ask you: What was that change that made a difference in your life last year?  That change that helped you meet a new goal or choose differently?
As this new year starts I ask that you reflect on that small but meaninful change that can transform your life and your relationships for the better.  Or better yet, I ask that you get up everyday and think  about what you can change that day.  If we focus on getting better daily, by the time 2015 arrives, you would have made 365 small changes which will account for a big transformation.  You and only you have the power to transform your life and as you do so you transform the lives of those around you.  And that my friends is part of our mission.
Wishing you balance in all areas of your life for 2014.
Luisa Guzman
Founder and CEO