Workforce MobilityAn analysis of a recent LinkedIn report revealed the upward trend of more and more people migrating to different locations of the world when better job opportunities beckoned.  More specifically, according to the assessment by LinkedIn, over 300 million professionals are on the move in the pursuit of new career opportunities. At ConsulTree, we have been closely monitoring this global phenomenon and we strongly encourage and support workplace diversity and the mobility of professional talent across countries and cultures. In fact, our services have helped many Latin American managers gain access to the much coveted executive positions in USA.

 The inherent value of a company can be gauged in terms of the richness and variety of its human capital. As a result of globalization, the mobility of professional talent has become almost inevitable and increasingly desirable. More and more companies are making tremendous progress towards making their organizations and their work environments truly cosmopolitan. The logic behind this is quite simple. Why should anyone limit themselves to working with people from his/her native city or country when they are presented with the enticing opportunity to relocate to other countries of personal interest, which would be otherwise inaccessible to them? This in turn, will enable them to work, interact and gain invaluable experience from being a part of the diverse, multicultural environment. The global economic crisis fuelled by the recession has rendered the mobility of professional talent an attractive option for thousands of workers from all over the world seeking to develop their skills in a multicultural, multinational work environment which offers more rewarding work as well as monetary benefits.

 The LinkedIn report carefully analyzes the countries that have gained and lost the most in terms of talent between November 2012 and November 2013. It not only provides us with a better understanding about the global economic health of the various countries but also gives us a clear insight into the skills that are most sought after by employers. For instance, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw the most talent coming into the country with the majority of professionals coming from India. On the other hand, Spain seems to be facing very hard economic conditions with thousands of young workers having left for countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and South America (mostly of them specializing in Engineering and Architecture & Construction).

Distances have become shorter than ever before. This is elucidated by the LinkedIn report with its finding that every 1 out of 3 LinkedIn members who made a move of 100 miles or more in the last year relocated internationally. Young professionals with an average of 7 to 8 years of work experience in the field of Social Media Marketing, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Java Development, Defense or National Security, Consulting and Business Strategy etc. are more likely to find jobs abroad and relocate internationally.

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