Unemployment  rate was released  2 weeks later than originally scheduled because of the recent partial Federal government shutdown. Data collection for the estimates in this release  had been completed prior to the shutdown in accordance with our normal schedule. However, the processing of some estimates and the production of the Employment Situation news release were delayed due to the shutdown.

Unemployment Rate

Establishment Survey Data

Total non-farm payroll employment increased by 148,000 in September, with gains in construction, wholesale trade, and transportation and warehousing. Over the prior 12 months, employment growth averaged 185,000 per month.

Employment in construction rose by 20,000 in September, after showing little change over the prior 6 months.

Employment in wholesale trade rose by 16,000 in September. Over the prior 12 months, this industry added an average of 7,000 jobs per month.

Transportation and warehousing added 23,000 jobs in September. Most of the increase occurred in transit and ground passenger transportation (+18,000).

In September, employment  in professional and business services continued to trend up (+32,000). Over the prior 12 months, employment growth in this industry averaged 52,000 per month. Employment in temporary help services continued to trend up in September (+20,000).

Within retail trade, job gains occurred in building material and garden supply stores (+5,000) and in automobile dealers (+4,000).

In the financial activities industry, employment in credit intermediation and related activities declined by 8,000 in September.

Employment in health care changed little (+7,000) in September. Thus far in 2013, health care has added an average of 19,000 jobs per month, compared with an average monthly increase of 27,000 in 2012.

Within leisure and hospitality, employment in food services and drinking places was essentially unchanged over the month (-7,000). Job growth in this industry averaged 28,000 per month over the prior 12 months.

Employment in other major industries, including mining and logging, manufacturing, information, and government, showed little change in September.