Workforce MobilityThe value of a Company depends on the richness and variability of its human capital. So, in a global world the mobility of professional talent is a must. Why limiting ourselves to work with people form our cities or countries if we can find people in every spot in the world who share our business culture? At ConsulTree, we know it and support behaviours and mindset as Workplace Diversity and Mobility of Professional Talent.  In fact, we pride ourselves upon making possible the Access of top managers from LatAm into executive positions in USA.

In a crisis and global environment, Mobility of Professional Talent has become an attractive option for thousand of workers from all over the world who seek to develop their skills on a dynamic and global company. Acording to the assessment of Linkedin, over 300 million professionals workers are moving around the world to pursue new career opportunities.

The report analyze the countries which gained and lost the most talent between November 2012 and the same date on 2013. The result let us get a general view to better understand where the healthier economic areas are and tke skills which the companies ask for. For instance, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw the most talent coming into the country with the majority of members coming from India. On the other hand, Spain is facing to extremely hard economic conditions and thousand of young workers have left for Germany, United Kingdom and South America (mostly of them specialiced on Engineering and Architecture &construction).

Distances are shorter than ever. According to the report of Linkedin, 1 out of 3 LinkedIn members who made a move of 100 miles or more in the last year relocated internationally. The profile of job seekers (and moving) is a Young professional, with an average of 7-8 years of work experience and skills on  social media marketing, mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Java Development, Defense and National Security and Consulting and Business Strategy and more.

Here’s the link to the LinkedIn article: “Careers That Will Move You: What It Takes To Work Around The World”

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