AngerConflict-300x199Workplace conflicts are a matter of perpetual headache for organizations. More often than not, personality is pointed out as the reason behind conflicts. But recent studies suggest that personality is just the tip of the iceberg. Upon careful examination, it has been revealed that the real underlying causes behind workplace conflicts are much more complex and its resolution even more complicated, than previously thought of. Therefore it becomes essential for organizations to gauge, review and understand the fundamental situational dynamics behind conflicts and the reasons making them worse.

According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), as well as many renowned experts in the field, it is necessary to consider the use of a comprehensive, non-categorical, well-validated personality assessment tool like that of Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), for the purpose of more reliable and accurate personality testing. HPI has been rigorously tested and peer reviewed over the 25 years of its successful existence and still remains one of the most trusted, widely used instruments among the business community for conflict resolution, ensuring better job performance through personality assessment and useful feedback.

We at ConsulTree agree with the HBR article that Hogan Assessments are among the most reliable personality and performance indicators in the industry, with plenty of psychometric evidence to support their validity and authenticity. As we realize the need to utilize the most sophisticated tools in the industry to fully unravel the underlying causes of conflict for the creation of healthy and prosperous working environments, we have been utilizing Hogan Assessment tools for over 8 years. Our assessment models assure long-term benefits to our clients by identifying potential areas of conflict as well as resolving existing ones.

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