Google DiversitySo, suddenly everyone is talking about workplace diversity thanks to the Google Equal Employment Opportunity report on workforce diversity based on the data from January 2014.  In an age where almost all the big corporate houses are parroting how ‘multiculturally-diverse’ their outlook and workforce is, Google with its very cosmopolitan outlook has candidly revealed that they are far from the ideal scenario when it comes to the topic of workforce diversity, in an open attempt to address the issue.  This Google report on diversity* might come as a surprise to many, but it points straight to the otherwise conveniently ignored topic of the lack of workforce diversity in many of the large organizations across the globe. Google revealed that 70% of the workforce are men, 61% White, 30% Asian . On the other hand, it might come as a surprise to many that only 3 percent of Googlers are Hispanic, 2 percent are Black and that women make only 30% of Google’s workforce signifying a stark disparity in terms of the diversity of its workforce.

Ideally a workforce consists of an equal ratio of employees from every sphere of life including age, race, national origin, gender, marital status etc. While this might sound difficult and nearly impossible, it is expected that companies make an attempt to be more welcoming to the idea of a more balanced workforce in terms of diversity which will contribute to better results and broader perspectives in everyday problem solving scenarios.  The lack of diversity of workforce would be a stumbling block in the way of the success as well as the proper functioning of any company in terms of performance because the cultural experience that each person into the organization is unique and can be invaluable to the company.

We at ConsulTree strongly believe that a diverse, multicultural environment is fundamental to promoting creative thinking and enhancing the problem solving abilities of an organization’s workforce.  As an organization, we are proud to have a diverse workforce of White as well as Hispanic employees which again is a true representation of our greater community and social scenario. Using a number of metrics we assess and evaluate how your organization is faring with regard to workplace diversity. We also specialize in helping you recruit, train and manage your workforce to create a balanced multicultural workforce for a more productive, healthy work environment. Our globally acclaimed training programs are specially designed, to identify and overcome any kind of intercultural communication issues that might crop up in a diverse environment.

*Google’s  EEO-1 report for more information

Content by @patvalderrama